Biography of Anne Lopez                                                        
Choreographer and dancer performer
Born in Paris, in 1972, she lives in Montpellier.

Anne Lopez takes up dancing in 1986 in Uzes (Southern France), in 1990 she dance company attached to the Triangle in Rennes with Roni Deruyver and Frédéric Vaillant for the shows Instinctive Song and Libre Asile. During the years 1992-1994 she enters and follows dancing courses at the “Conservatoire National de Région” in Montpellier, then dances for Yann Lheureux and Laurent Pichaud. In 2000 she takes part in Mathilde Monnier’s Potlatch event, and follows courses under the supervision of Odile Duboc, Karlotta Ikeda, Benoit Lachambre, François Verret and Mathilde Monnier.

In 1998 she sets up the Les gens du quai dance company with Sophie Gérard and François Lopez. Within it she creates many choreographed shows, Meeting (1998), L’invité (1999), Ecoute Oenone (1999), Révoltes (2000), De l’autre (2001), Litanies (2002), De l’avant invariablement (2004), Face à vous (2005), Idiots Mais Rusés (2007), Miss Univers (2007), La Menace (2008), Duel (2009), Feu à Volonté (2011). She is currently working on a solo show Mademoiselle Lopez co-produced by the Montpellier Dance Festival, and the CDC La termitière, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (2012).

In June 2004 she receives the SACD New Choreographic Talent Award for writing the play De l’avant invariablement (dance/web/Europe project). In June 2007 she accepts Daniel Larrieu’s invitation to create a solo (Miss Univers) interpreted by Chiara Gallerani, presented for the “Vif du Sujet” (SACD) at the Montpellier Dance Festival (2007).
In January 2007, she directs A priori with Laurent Pichaud within the “Hors Series” structure at the National Choreography Center, Languedoc-Roussillon.
Anne also creates and supervises the “Pratique du Spectateur” workshops for the National Choreography Center L.R.
Since March 2008, she has undertaken on a regular basis to lead choreographic visits and performances at the Beaux-Arts Museum and at the Nîmes’ Carré d’Art, and Roubaix APJJ (2011).
In January 2009, Anne takes part in Mathilde Monnier’s “Domaine(s)”at Montpellier’s national Choreography Center in Languedoc-Roussillon.
Starting from February 2009, she becomes Mathilde Monnier’s Assistant Choreographer for “City Maquette”, tourning Evry, Reims, Montpellier, Uzès, Paris and London. She also leads all the Opera Junior’s choreographies directed by Jérome Pillement in Montpellier.

She currently is conducting an artistic and educational project with the College (secondary school) “Les Escholliers de la Mosson” in partnership with the “Herault Musique et Danse” (2010-2011).
She organises workshops at the Sète Beaux-Arts School (2007-2010), and at the Beaux-Arts Museum of Nîmes.
She also is in charge of initiation workshops, in partnership with Nîmes Theatre, for female inmates of Nîmes prison.
She supervises a Ouagadougou dance school, “La Termitière” (2010-2013).
She organises Conference cycles, whose themes are “Les pieds dans le plat” for the company’s studio and “La danse à portée de main” for Nîmes’ Theatre and Montpellier Dance’s Agora.

10 petits danseurs, 2004, directed by François Lopez and Anne Lopez, with a group of autistic children from a specialized Bagnols-sur-Ceze medical unit.
 Les Géographes, 2000, directed by François Lopez, with autistic people from La Colombière Hospital (Montpellier). Co production France 3, Penelope films.

March 2002, Days around scientific studies of autism, University of Geneva, with Pr Bullinger.
May 2003, Perspectives on the body, symposium, Montpellier.
June 2006, National Science Palliative Care Scientific Journey, Montpellier.
November 2007, Crossing the possible, CNSM of Poitiers.
Access to Art for the handicapped.
November 2010, Conference for the CIPPA (International Coordination between psychotherapists and psychoanalysts dealing with autistic people) about 10 petits danseurs screening.
February 2011, Warn me if you can, Via Voltaire CCN Montpellier.
April 2011, Autism, towards a complementarity of approaches, seminary chaired by the Dr. Anne-Sylvie Pelloux, about autistic children.

November 2009, Repères Cahier de danse n°24
Interview with Marie Glon and Katharina Van Dyk around the theme of « Dancers’ Bodies, Norms and inventions, Extraordinary Bodies”.
November 2010, Arte contemporaneo y educacion especial, for the La Panera Art Center, A dance experience with autistic and Alzheimer people.



François Lopez

composer, musician, director, designer, performer
Born in Paris in 1968
Lives in Montpellier

Self-taught musician founding member of the rock band Clandestins (1983-1992), cd album Clandestins on New Rose records, various compilations, tours in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. (First part of the Mano Negra at Zenith). Founded in 1994, the Guerrilla band, released in 1998 on cd Cold Front, then in 1999 cd Manifestes, toured in France and Italy with Molotov Cocktail (Usa) Headcleaner (GB), etc.. In 2004 founded the rock band Suprematic

Composer and musician of Les Gens du Quai company with One step in the soul, Vox Populi Meeting (1998), The Guest (1999) Listen Oenone (1999) Revolts (2000), The Other (2001 ) Litanies (2002), Forward Invariably (2004), Facing You (2005), Idiots But Cunning (2007), Menace/The Threat (2008) Duel (2009), Fire at Will (2011), Miss Lopez (2012) and Miracle (2013),Comment J'ai Réussi (2015), Celui d'à côté (2015), Paradox (2016), Trident (2016) et le Flashmob Comme si et comme ça (14nov 2015).

Also created the music for the Villa Roses (1999), We the Others and Reside, Ding, Resist (2005) Company Didier Theron. also working with Yves-Noel Genod for Barracuda, Jesus returns to Brittany and New World. composed the music for Blue Red Dust by Lluis Ayet & Rita Quaglia. composed the music Mrs. Smith wakes up by Maria Clark, composed the soundtrack for Lluis Ayet, Believe Me.

Performer and co-author with Jean-Philippe Derail Do It Yourself (created in 2008). Performer also in La Menace/The Threat (2008) Duel (2009) of Les Gens du Quai company. Musician in Postcards Project - Electric Pop Art Ensemble directed by Patrice Soletti (2011).

Composer and founder of Burden (electronic music project) two albums SN1199 and SN0202 producted by Snark. Musician on the interactive multimedia show Cheat mode (video and computer music interface with Eox and Lauren Rodz).
Filmmaker and Institutional videos in Marseille, Cultural Festival of Women from the Mediterranean - Aix-en-Provence, and directormusic video, broadcasted on M6 for PIAS France.

Film director of The Geographers co-produced by The Pénéloppe Films, France 3 and LesMursd'Aurelle (first broadcast 13/12/00 France 3).

Director of the film 10 Little Dancers with autistic children for the Sasje Service Bagnols-sur-Ceze (2001).
Director and producer of (web channel).



Céline Mélissent
artistic advisor

Art Critic : publication in art magazines,exhibition catalogs and various artist catalogs.

Independant Curator

Executive Assistant at Frac LR (Regional Contemporary Art Fund Languedoc- Roussillon).
Artistic coordination of Les Gens du Quai company choreographic creations.

Lecturer at the University P. Valéry, Montpellier, conferences, courses and interventions in art schools (Arles, Sète, Montpellier, Nîmes).
















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